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Thread: Recent "Furry" Anime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisota View Post
    I’ve been watching the Beastars season 2 episodes subbed! Catching up on what’s already out.
    Is it out on western Netflix yet? I've been contemplating firing up a VPN to watch it subbed on the Japanese Netflix cuz I finished reading it several months ago and I'm eager to see what they keep from the manga.

    Responding to the original post, I've now seen both, and I think that Beastars is definitely the stronger anime between the two. That said, I definitely loved BNA and am rewatching it with a few friends. The first episode alone damn near triggered a mental shift for me, something that hasn't happened in a long time, and while I know elinox didn't understand why they had a human form, I personally enjoy that they do. The shifting back and forth is a deep love of mine, it's why I have a character who shapeshifts like that. Also I read on TV Tropes that because of the ability to become human, it nullifies the need to make a city that is equipped for animals of all species. Beastars tackles it, hell, Zootopia focuses on it, and I LOVE stuff like that. But I also get that sometimes having to pay close attention to things like that gets in the way of the story you're trying to tell, especially if your story is less about the unique differences between the animal people and more about them as a whole and dealing with the experience of being an animal person in a world shared by humans. And that's why I think they did it. I think if they were trying to manage "oh all these different species!" as "humans vs beastmen" that the plot would get muddied. But I enjoy both kinds of stories, haha.

    I think that BNA started off really strong and the story at the end was a little flimsy, but I was still enjoying it till the end.

    Anyway, I love both of them, and I'm looking forward to Beastars season 2.
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    It’s not, I don’t think it’s supposed to be for a while - probably not until the full season is out and dubbed. I found a streaming site that is putting subs out as episodes release. The tenth is supposed to be just coming out right about now, and I just finished the ninth last night, so I’m eager for some more.

    So far the developments have been really interesting - it hasn’t disappointed! I really enjoy getting details about typicalities in the social life of this world.

    With both Beastars and BNA, though, it’s somehow still weird for me to see things like Facebook and super modern stuff in anime. I guess it’s not that new anymore, I just don’t realize how many years have passed!

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    I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on Beastars season 2, Kisota! I saw that it was airing and was torn about how motivated I was to watch it given my mixed feelings on the first season. It sounds like the second season gets interesting and has more world-building, which is definitely of interest to me. I'll probably give it a watch soon after I finish other things I'm watching.

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