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Thread: Thanksgiving Thoughts

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    Don't really celebrate holidays but made a nice meal for my SO anyhow.
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    Family and I made mostly the usual ... homemade rolls from my grandfathers recipe (yeah, it sucks) three pies, cranberry (w/ apple) sauce from scratch, vegan mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Unfortunately the stuffing sucked this year (messed up the broth base). And smoked a turkey on the BBQ (took longer than I though bcs pellets got wet! ugh ... ) Luckily was small (11 lbs for 6 people, minimal leftovers).

    Was just internal family but we invited the son of a friend who is now in the Marines and stationed here in the DC area, so that was cool. No masks since the exposure was still low based on all of our previous 10 days .... I think he appreciated it and we were glad we could give him some "home" time.

    Very glad we didn't need to listen to politics this year for certain!

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