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    Default Opening the Articles Section

    For several years, the Werelist has had a content management (CMS) system. On many forums, these are used for submitting articles. Previously the Werelist’s was not, but we are opening to article submissions. If you have therianthropy-related writing you want hosted somewhere permanent and public, you can now do so on the Werelist.

    Articles are promoted to the CMS from posts. You can PM the mods (the best ones to contact are cheetah, Savage, Anuolf, Elinox, or Kisota) with a link to the post you want promoted and we will look it over. If it fits with our rules, we’ll promote the post and file it under the correct category. If you don’t already have a post made, you can either submit what you’ve written to the Essays & Written Works subforum--you’ll only be able to see it if you’ve got an account and are logged in--or get in contact with one of us outside the Werelist. However, note that while we will credit you in a header above what you submit to us, the forum software will not show you as having made the post.

    We are taking submissions in the following categories:

    1. Information - Information about therianthropy, facts and stuff.
    a. Introductory Material -- Covers what we are, and what we aren’t. Basically Therianthropy 101.
    b. Terms and Definitions -- What people are talking about when they say “contherian,” “shift,” et cetera.
    c. Historical Material and Reflections on the Community -- Where we’ve been, where we are today, and how we got from there to here.
    2. Personal Essays - This is for people’s personal experiences related to therianthropy.
    3. Creative works - Poetry/Fictional stories
    a. Fiction
    b. Poetry

    Rules for submissions are as follows.

    Firstly, submissions should be in clear and readable English, of the sort one would use for work or school. The Werelist staff will offer assistance if you need help editing your submission for the purposes of this rule.

    Content rating for submissions cannot rise above PG-13.

    Don’t submit anything illegal. Talking about drugs is okay, but personal experiences only--nothing on how to use them, how to obtain them, etc.

    Claims of extraordinary, empirically verifiable fact (p-shifting, UFO abductions, et cetera) must be backed up with extraordinary evidence.

    The Werelist is non-sectarian. All spiritual beliefs are welcome, but as part of that, essays that seek to assert a single, universal spiritual truth--be it that all therians exist due to reincarnation, that Jesus is everyone’s lord and savior, or that everyone goes to a particular afterlife--will not be promoted to articles.

    Essays that seek to claim power over others will not be accepted.
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