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Thread: What games are you playing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kisota View Post
    I do kind of miss the days of being so excited to pick up and play a video game each day, or spending a long relaxing day in my family’s basement on my own to play GameCube like in high school. But it’s okay, it’s not like I am simply unable to do that and it’s what I desperately want. Interests change. Even if I had a slow day where that’s absolutely what I could do, I’d probably do something else.
    This sounds like the best description of what’s happened to me. Just don’t have the desire to play games like I did in the past. Sometimes I go weeks without playing so much as solitaire on my phone and hardly notice. There’s plenty of other things to do!

    These days games are best as a social activity for me, with friends, but even that doesn’t happen much anymore.

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    Yep, same here. Saturday nights with my buds are often the only time all week I’ll do any gaming (unfortunately, as was the case last night, it means I’m always notably worse than everyone else, which can be frustrating or make me a liability for team things. Everybody in the gang but me is in IT and games on PC all the time!)

    We tried Midnight Ghost Hunt last night. Really fun. A little bit of a Left 4 Dead vibe with teams of humans and baddies. Very silly but fun weapons, and a lot of different perks and abilities to choose from to customize how you’re playing. My friend who is a big Ghostbusters nerd was especially into it.

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