It has always been our mission to pivot to serve the community according to its current needs, and we have determined that its most pressing current need is to look fabulous. Consequently we are now the WearList, a site for therianthrope fashion.

The noble purpose of the new WearList is to showcase therian fashion wear that is truly welcoming for all, regardless of species and gender. We shall be a virtual runway - we could call it a catwalk but that would be species-ist - for therian models, clothing, fashion accessories and other products. We welcome creative contributions from others wanting to showcase their proposed products, or just to show off your perfectly coiffed and manicured p-shifted form in all its fashionable glory.

I am Lord Sparklekitty, Alpha Fashionista. As proof of my fabulously fashionable p-shifting I present this incredibly flattering picture. fashioncat.jpg

(You can also follow along with "my" adventures on this nice person's Instagram which I have borrowed.