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Thread: The Annoying Auto-Logout

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    Default The Annoying Auto-Logout

    First of all, let me apologize for this even being a thing. I didn't know it was a thing. And I'll explain in detail in a little bit why I didn't know it was a thing. But it was brought to my attention recently that some users were getting logged out after a certain amount of time. Once it was brought to my attention, I started doing research on it.

    If you have suffered from this, let me explain why it does it. The developers of our forum software set a cookie timeout. Cookies are basically the little bits of important information that your browser stores for specific websites. They're important when it comes to log in sessions. The software's cookie timeout was 15 minutes by default. After 15 minutes, when the cookie expired, it would force you to log back in. This could, of course, be really annoying and disruptive if you are in the middle of making a long post.

    Some of you are probably thinking "Weird, I never had this problem". Just like I didn't, and here's the explanation why. If you have "Remember Me" selected then when the cookie expires, you are automatically relogged in. So if you guys don't want to deal with this anymore, click the "Remember Me" on login but ONLY if you're on your own device or on a device that is generally not shared with others. You do not want to click "Remember Me" if you're on a school computer or at an internet cafe or something.

    I have also set the expiration timer to 1 hour. So if you do get logged out, hopefully it won't happen to you as often. I can change this in the future if it's still causing problems.
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