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    This show is brand new and I am sure none of you have heard of it yet. But Netflix has just picked up a comic book series called Sweet Tooth and are going to be making it into a TV show. The comic book and the TV show are about Human animal hybrids. Here is the Netflix Trailer. [/url]
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    Hmmm I'll have to look into this.
    At first I thought you wrote 'sweet home' and I would've been like.... yeah that was trash xD. It's nice to have things added on my watchlist,.
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    I've seen the trailer, and announcements about the series. Honestly not too interested in what I see, though--thematically it doesn't really pique my interest. Animal human hybrids would normally be interesting, but, like... the differences seem kind of superficial and skin-deep. And while there are many other themes I enjoy, they seem to be absent.

    Side note, the Wikipedia link doesn't go anywhere. I suggest people try this one, which links to the comic's.
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    Human/animal hybrids on Netflix? YES PLEASE!

    I'll definitely be watching this, even if it ends up being cheesy.

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    I didn't think I'd get hooked in by the idea of human-animal hybrids - RWBY already does that quite well for me, heh - but after watching the trailer I feel like I gotta give this a watch, it seems pretty good, even if a bit corny.
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