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Thread: Suggestions on a nice gift for a trans friend?

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    Default Suggestions on a nice gift for a trans friend?

    I have a friend that recently came out as a transwoman and is in the process of transitioning. She has a birthday coming up soon and I wanted to get something nice for her during this first year. I don't know anything about girly stuff.

    For those of you that are trans, was there anything you wished you had during the first few years of your transition? Or is there anything you might recommend that would be a good gift?

    So far I'm thinking of either getting her a makeup organizer (Any suggestions would be great) or a gift card for makeup so she can buy her own. I don't think she likes jewelry at all, though it is possible that this may have changed since her deciding to transition.

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    This had me scratching my head a bit so I did a quick search, oddly interesting and seemingly obvious answer was: Razors ( Shaving stuff. )

    *(Maybe like, a year subscription to a shave club, seems like something better than just like, assorted stuff lol. )

    Dunno, I suck at gift giving I usually just ask the person unless I know them really well.
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