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I'm really enjoying the tradition-building as an adult too! That's exactly how I feel about. So, some of the old family traditions were bbq chicken wings, which I'm making tomorrow, and looking at lights on Christmas Eve (which I did this year, but we walked rather than drive! Weirdly warm winter). BUT, unlike when I was a kid, my spouse really likes if we do ham for Christmas. And I've started making absolutely BANGIN' sourdough cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.
Those sound like lovely traditions! Yes, the blending of traditions between yourself and your partner is such a nice part of building the traditions, too. And sourdough cinnamon rolls sound fucking amazing!!

I'm also super tickled by the MtG and Dark Souls - those are a couple of my husband's favorite things. The last of our old college friend group finally got a Switch this Christmas, so we've been able to play the new Mario Party together - they FINALLY have a proper online multiplayer! This new version features a lot of maps and minigames from the old versions, so it's been an absolute nostalgia-fest.
Oh, we just got the new Mario Party too! We ended up playing it on New Year's. I played all the N64 Mario Party games as a kid, so it's been really nostalgic and fun to play them remastered on the Switch. I love that you're getting to enjoy the nostalgia too!