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    Default Farthest Star Kickstarter

    Coming from Rebecca Mickley, a hare therianthrope and otherkin, and her alterhuman editing team, is the fourth installment of the Farthest Star series.

    The Farthest Star series are sci-fi xenofiction novels which center around several previously-human animal characters and the struggles they face. From battling their own species instincts to preventing a civil war amongst the stars, these Morphics set the center stage for questions of societal acceptance and consequence: what we do to truly become ourselves, and how the people and world around us react when we do so.

    Out of the smoldering ashes of the Two Hour War, the Morphic Star Alliance has risen as a new republic in the Galaxy, forging their destiny on the edges of the galactic frontier, but all is not yet peaceful or quiet in the colony. Their brothers and sisters labor, enslaved, under the ascension protocol, toiling ceaselessly for the United Solar Republic, their intractable enemy that would see the newly minted MSA collapse into failure, and enslaved alongside the rest. Led by Jill Saito, Jon Harper and Key Dawkins, a desperate campaign for liberation and survival begins, as they forge a new home as a beacon of light, and a symbol of defiance in the spirit of hope. Freedom forever! Onward, towards the Farthest Star!
    The goal of this Kickstarter is to help cover costs as the book enters its final stages of production, with proofreading and line editing included. The manuscript is finished, and beta-reading is already taking place; now it's just a matter of getting the book ready for (digital) shelves everywhere!

    These books can be found on Amazon, for $7 each or free to those of you with Kindle Unlimited. You can also see the author and editing team's other books and projects and their website, Studio Prey. The Kickstarter ends on Saturday, April 9th 2022.

    I can count the number of published and openly therian authors I know of on one hand, and Studio Prey is the only alterhuman-majority publishing group I'm currently aware of. I figured this would be a great opportunity to put the Kickstarter out there for the community to support, especially since the author's been in the therian and otherkin community for well over 20 years. I'm also, truth be told, a huge fan of the series myself-- they're phenomenal books, with devastatingly relatable characters and fantastic worldbuilding. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys science fiction or alterhuman themes.

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    I'm bumping this, as this has only a couple weeks to go, and has a lot left to meet its goal.
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    It's a shame there's been so little progress towards the fundraising goal. Being a writer is a noble, often thankless profession in my view. I'm more into 'art fag' style books, but I'm always willing to branch out. I would check those books out, but if my unread books were arranged in a pile, then it would be enough to crush someone to death if they toppled over.

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