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Thread: Lifehacks and pro-tips!

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    Default Lifehacks and pro-tips!

    I thought it would be fun to swap little ideas and things that work really well for us in our lives!

    Product recommendations, habit management, whatever useful things that have made a difference for you, however silly or small! I love hearing what silly little things work for people.

    Let me see if I can get us started….

    - you know those nylon loofah / poof things, that tend to unravel over time or get moldy in the middle? This type of nylon towel-style scrubbers are a game changer. They dry out better and don’t get moldy, and they last way longer. I also like that they’re a little scratchier.
    - Turkish waffle-knit towel. Be careful with them if you have piercings, but damn, they’re absorbent.
    - for the canines among us: shower brush practically exactly like a deshedding brush. (My sister has one for her dog that’s almost the same color as mine, haha). Annnnd body brush. I don’t really need the exfoliation, but full-body brushing feels really nice.

    Habit stuff:
    - those little plastic flossers… keep some in your car, shower, wherever. SO much easier to get in the habit of flossing regularly
    - habit “chaining.” If you have one consistent habit, try to use it as the reminder to do the new habit.

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    I have two life Hacks for males and females:

    I thought about this for awhile, and I finally thought of a neat trick I use regularly that I can share.

    In body care, for shaving, instead of cream products, mix a squirt of shampoo and conditioner and lotion into your hand. Put mixture on your face, legs, anything. Then, shave using a razor that would normally use foam. Shave your face, legs, anything. You can also shave like this after using a cream product, for a closer smooth shave. After shaving, rinse your face / legs / what have you. You may feel it unecessary to use aftershave or lotion, because the lotion sinks into the skin during the shaving providing your skin with moisture, but you can put lotion on afterwards. It feels great on the skin afterwards - astoundingly wonderful, much better than just cream.

    While showering:

    Especially for those with long hair, when washing your hair, take a brush into the shower or bath. After using shampoo, rinse hair normally. Then, use conditioner. Let conditioner sit in hair for a little while, and then use the brush on your hair. Your hair will be easy to de-tangle, and the brush will work the conditioner all through your hair and scalp. You can also brush during both shampooing and conditioning. It results in a deeper clean, and easy to de-tangle, shinier hair. Rinse conditioner out. : )

    Try it : )


    -Ghost Rider

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